Oakland rent assistance and Alameda County.

Information on rental assistance programs in Oakland California and the surrounding Alameda County. Many non-profits, charities, government programs and other agencies offer services to help the low income and others pay their rent and housing expenses.

A variety of eviction prevention programs, funds to pay security deposits, and low income housing and rent assistance programs are in place for Oakland California families and individuals. It is always best to call a non-profit and ask for help early, before you are faced with an eviction notice. Each location is focused on reducing homelessness in the Oakland region.

Catholic Charities of the East Bay / Critical Family Needs and Rental Assistance. This non-profit offers support, including one time Rental Assistance. Case managers also have information on transitional housing. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5 (510) 768-3102

Operation Dignity, Inc. is another non-profit that offers Rental Assistance and low income housing. Resources run can provide rental assistance, money to pay security deposits, and move-in assistance to qualified low income applicants. While funds are limited, they try to help as many families as possible. Call for monthly Rental Assistance. (510) 844-0785

Tri-Valley Haven runs a financial assistance program known as Season of Sharing (SOS). Dial the Livermore, California agency to learn more. The Season of Sharing, which can be used to pay for rent expenses, is a private fund made available to both Oakland CA as well as greater Alameda County residents to help them pay rent and housing expenses. It is operated as part of the emergency Housing Assistance (HA) and/or Critical Family Need (CFN) for those with a non-recurring crisis. Individuals who apply and are found to be qualified should be able to pay housing expenses, including rent, repairs, energy bills, and other expenses. Call 510-259-3518


Alameda County Social Services Agency. May have information on rental assistance. The self-sufficiency centers also administer a program that uses private funds to help the low to moderate income families, who have dependent children, pay rent. Financial aid is also focused on senior citizens age 60 and over, and disabled individuals who live in Alameda County and/or Oakland. Call 510-383-5300 in the eastern part of the county or dial 510-891-0700 in the northern county.




ECHO Housing is the leading organization that offers rental assistance in Oakland California and Alameda County. They offer two main forms of assistance, and they include Rental Assistance and Eviction Prevention as well as Security Deposit Loans.

Rental assistance can be directly paid to an individual as a grant. For those facing eviction, it can be offered to people who are behind on their rent. While terms will vary, in some cases it is a grant, in others it is a loan. Eviction prevention funds issued by ECHO in some cases will need to be repaid by Oakland families. In addition, a grant or loan may be offered to help you pay your security deposit.

Call Oakland California ECHO Housing at (510) 836-4826.

Law Center For Families – While not able to provide cash to pay rent, they can in fact offer free legal advice to help deal with landlord/tenant issues.

Swords to Plowshares administers the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) in Alameda County. This can provide veterans and their families with grants for rental and security deposit fees. Support is for those facing imminent eviction, the disabled or veterans that are currently homeless. Some services for rental costs may be addresses from low interest loans. Call the Oakland agency at 510-891-8773.

East Bay Community Law Center and Eviction Clinic - Provides free legal aid and representation. Layers deal with housing discrimination, disputes over security deposits, and other landlord / tenant mediation issues, including lockouts from your home or apartment. 510-548-4040

East Oakland Community Project is a local shelter and also offers continuum of care services. This may include referrals to emergency rental assistance, permanent placement into safe and affordable apartments, relocation, and more. Address is 7515 International Blvd in Oakland. Or call 510-532-3211.

Oakland Department of Human Services ((510) 9862721) runs the homeless prevention program using federal government funds. It can pay for housing expenses from soup to nuts, including moving costs, security deposits, first month’s rent, and recurring monthly rent for up to 18 months. Other services can pay for energy bills and even offer credit and debt counseling.




Eden I&R, Inc. is one agency that is focused on providing housing and support to homeless pregnant women. Rent assistance is the primary service provided. 570 B Street, Hayward, California 94541

Other Oakland area agencies to call for rent help

  • Travelers' Aid, (510) 444-6834
  • Catholic Charities, (510) 768-3100
  • Salvation Army ((510) 451-4514) offers a variety of services and a large number of emergency rental assistance.
  • East Oakland Switchboard, (510) 569-6369. Call them for referrals to local charities as well as government assistance programs. Some non-profits in Alameda County may issue no interest rate loans for rental and housing expenses.
  • Project Outreach ((510) 382-1360)
  • Oakland Independent Support Center (OISC), (510) 281-7710






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