Northwestern Wisconsin assistance programs

If you live in the northwestern part of Wisconsin, including Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, Iron, or Price counties, you can find resources, programs, and agencies that can help with rent, utility and heating bills, health care needs, free food, and more.

Low cost or free health and dental care

Health Care Clinic - The young and low income can get help from the Health Care Clinic. The primary mission of the center is to provide family planning needs, and reproductive health, to the low income. Some of the current programs offered by the center are gynecological exams, pregnancy testing; sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment (males and females); education and referral, and prescriptive and non-prescriptive contraception. Superior Wisconsin. (715) 394-4117

Just Kids Dental - The center provides school-based dental health education and preventive dental hygiene services. Among other services provided include preventive services such as exams, sealants, gentle cleanings, fluoride varnish, oral health education, and check ups. (715) 394-8700

Lake Superior Community Health Center - The primary goal of Lake Superior Community is assist the low income, people with no or limited health insurance, and others who are struggling. They help people improve financial access to medical care. The center can provides primary health care including check ups, physicals, reproductive health services, screening and follow-up for chronic illnesses (e.g. high blood pressure); diagnosis and treatment for acute illnesses (e.g. strep) and e.g. family planning services. Call -(715) 392-1955.

Financial assistance programs and agencies

Salvation Army - The charity type organization provides emergency financial assistance and cash grants to resident families and individuals. May have limited funds for rent, utility, and heating bills. The non-profit can also help meet holiday needs at Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as assists people year-round. (715) 394-7001





Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank - It doesn’t provide direct financial assistance, but can offer free food. Dial (218) 727-5653. They work closely with local food shelves and pantries.

Northwest Wisconsin Community Service - This is the community action agency that supports all five counties in the area. The exact number and types of programs will vary by county, but some or all of the following may be offered.

  • Food - Households in the area will be provided with 3 to 5 days of food and other necessities.
  • WIC - The agency can help people learn about and apply for food from WIC. Learn more on WIC applications.
  • Rent and energy bill assistance - The federal government Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housig Program may be able to provide financial assistance and grants to either prevent an eviction or to help those who are currently experiencing homelessness. Those who qualify for help need to be facing eviction or be currently homeless. Those who try to qualify for utility bill assistance must be responsible for the utilities in their lease agreement and facing eviction, or it can help them pay an old bill.
  • Emergency financial assistance for mortgage, rent, and bills - People in a crisis with no other options may be able to get help if they are facing a disconnection, or if they need mortgage or rent help.
  • Auto loan program - Get information and access to a low interest rate loan to help pay for a car, if one is needed for work. Learn about how to refinance an automobile loan.
  • Tax assistance - Receive free or low cost income tax preparation, and have a professional file your state or federal income tax return.

Call the Northwest Wisconsin Community Service, which is located in Superior Wisconsin at (715) 392-5127.




Concerned Citizens of Mercer Food Pantry - Helps serve individuals and families in need in the Wisconsin area by providing food assistance, clothing, rental assistance, and information on and access to WIC. Mercer Wisconsin. (715) 476-9133.

County Health and Human Services - To get help with energy bills, such as LIHEAP, call your county health and human services office.

The BRICK - This organization, which is associated with the Salvation Army, help individuals and families by networking and referral to programs for help with paying for and getting assistance with rent and mortgage payments, heating bills and utilities, medical costs, clothing, homeless issues, food and groceries, and etc. The BRICK provides numerous services to those who need help. Call (715) 682-7425

Debt and mortgage help, and credit counseling

Lutheran Social Services - Among other services, this non-profit can help people by helping individuals who need assistance due to financial or credit distress. A wide variety of services are offered to people who are struggling. Some of the credit counseling services and programs offered include debt management plans (DMP), comprehensive credit and debt counseling, budgeting assistance, credit report review and improving credit scores, housing and bankruptcy counseling, foreclosure prevention advice and financial education programming. Superior WI (715) 394-4173








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