Lowndes County assistance programs.

Financial assistance from Salvation Army

This organization provides qualified individuals with assistance for emergency shelter, free food and/or groceries, gently used or new clothing, rent help, utility bill assistance and transportation to those in need. In addition they also character-building and offering Christian counseling programs for adults and children. The agency serves those in Lowndes and Valdosta Georgia. Call the Salvation Army at (229) 242-6440.

Free food

The Moody Family Support Center Relocation Program helps military families, and can assist with household items from our Loan Closet, and the program can also provide families and individuals the means to obtain food by using the Emergency Food Assistance Program and other resources. 257-3068

The Valdosta Food Bank is part of America’s Second Harvest of South Georgia. The non-profit food bank receives donations of groceries and food from over 300 national food manufactures across the nation and it  distributors across the entire United States. The Food Bank, which also operates in Valdosta, then proceeds to distributes over 6 million pounds of food to over 350 member churches, charities, and non-profits in South Georgia and Lowndes County each year. America’s Second Harvest of South Georgia operates the Kids Café program, Manna Truck, Rescue Valdosta, the Reclaim Program, and Volunteer Center. Dial 244-2678

Financial programs from Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc.

This is the Lowndes and Valdosta County community action agency. It offers counseling and information on various assistance programs in the area.

The Prescription Drug Program makes payments to local drug companies and pharmacies for CSBG Income Eligible clients. The payments are made for medications that are used to treat life-threatening illnesses for members of the community. The payments are made for such illnesses including cancer, high blood pressure, heart medication, diabetes, and even such illnesses as epilepsy. Some cases may be decided on an individual basis.





Home Repairs - This is a program that was designed to assist low to moderate income qualified elderly and/or disabled clients in the county. Under this housing assistance program, work will be completed to make the homeowner feel safe and secure, and to also help save energy. Some of the type of work done will be beneficial to those with the fewest resources. Samples of the work include: install doors, replace or repair commodes, replace faucets and sinks, repair small holes in floor, doors, walls, and ceilings, remove debris from outer edge of the roof, replace broken window panes, and installation of handrails for primary entrance and exit doors.

Government grants - Some years, the community action agency will apply for and receive funding from the federal government for certain housing related expenses. Low income families in Lowndes County, including seniors, may receive emergency financial aid or loans for paying expenses such as utility bills or rent. The grants also fund transitional housing and shelters in the region.

Low Income Energy Assistance is a program that will provide a one-time yearly payment for the primary heating or cooling source. The money helps pay utility, electric, and air conditioning bills.

Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program is a government funded program that will assist those eligible with emergency food, rent help, energy bills and housing expenses.

Call the Valdosta based Coastal Plain Area EOA, Inc. at (229) 244-7860. Several other resources and referrals are offered too. More on Coastal Plain Area Economic Opportunity Authority assistance programs.





Help with bills from LAMP (Lowndes Associated Ministries to People)

This agency serves people in Lowndes County Georgia. LAMP is a caring community of faith based agencies and volunteers, and they are involved in ministering to the working poor, homeless and indigent. The LAMP organization provides assistance to incredibly over 10,000 people each and every year. The programs and services they offer are.

  • Emergency Housing (This is a shorter-stay -30 days. The site serves as shelter for men women & children)
  • Transitional Housing (While similar to above, it is a longer stay program of up to 24 months of residence and 6 months of aftercare services).
  • Hot meals, food, and referrals to financial aid, community clinics, and other services.

Call Valdosta based LAMP at 245-7157. Or for additional details, read more LAMP programs.

Additional emergency assistance in Lowndes

Valdosta Salvation Army provides various forms of assistance. There are one time grants for back rent or utility bills, or referrals to case management. Free food and meals may be provided, and volunteers may visit senior citizens in the region. The non-profit may also help with vouchers for medications, offer information on government benefits, and more. The case managers in Lowndes County may also direct the client to loan programs or Christmas toys from Angel Tree. They operate from a center Valdosta, GA 3160. Call (229) 242.6440, or click more information.







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