Idaho Catholic Charities assistance programs.

While the amount of financial aid available from the Idaho Catholic Charities is limited, the agency offers a number of referrals, employment resources, and other support. Case managers can often direct clients on where to go to for rent and utility bill help, but the churches and Idaho centers will not normally have their own funding available.

Financial literacy and education is available and can enhance and strengthen the ability of individuals to make sound, appropriate decisions in improving their credit and in overall managing their personal finances. Learn about tactics such as budgeting and debt management plans that are offered in partnership with Catholic Charities and non-profit credit counseling agencies.

Family strengthening services will help provide parents the information and knowledge that can help develop their children. It is offered as a component of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Children and their parents can learn about programs such as Head Start in Iowa, summer meals, and more.

Catholic Charities will also include the entire family in any assistance offered. They work closely and collaborate with other non-profit organizations and government resources in the community. Many of the family strengthening programs are focused on family economic stability.

English as second language and conversation classes are offered for adult students and immigrants who who are learning English as a new language. Some of the skills taught in Idaho include cultural orientation, listening, speaking, writing, reading, study skills, and content vocabulary.

Ongoing and general case management is offered. This is when a client will work collaboratively with staff from Catholic Charities on addressing challenges that people may be facing. This can include financial difficulties, employment, and more.

The agency has in place a strength-based model for the delivery of services. Case managers also work to serve those clients who may not be eligible for any form of assistance elsewhere. Also receive advice and guidance in getting linked to other local systems that provide the needed resources in Idaho. For example, computers and databases may provide information on a wide variety of services, such as emergency rent, foreclosure counseling, and much more.




Employment assistance and job skill building is widely available. Specialists from Catholic Charities will help clients obtain better opportunities and employment. This done by acquiring the basic skills that are necessary to stand out in the job market. Employment programs exist for creating a resume, job search tactics and how to interview effectively.

Family Immigration Legal Services and Domestic Violence programs are offered. Newcomers to the country can use these services as well as women, children, or other victims of domestic violence. Some of the specific Catholic Charity services include.

Petitions can be prepared to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). Also, as this is occurring, sign up for a free consultation/intake session to have your case reviewed. A Citizenship Class is available too, which provides specialized instruction for adults who are preparing to take the U.S. Citizenship test.

Domestic violence assistance is available from resources such as VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and the U-Visa.

As indicated, your local church in Idaho or a Catholic Charity center is a great place for referrals and general information. This is offered for free to individuals of any religion or income level that are trying to find resources in their community. For example:

  • Get information on finding emergency food pantries anywhere in Idaho, including in Boise.
  • Several programs can provide emergency rental assistance.
  • Government and public health clinics may provide free medical or dental care.
  • Locate affordable childcare resources.
  • Free legal services and representation for seniors and low income families.

Most of the information provided is for resources in Boise, Jerome, Coeur d'Alene, and Nampa Idaho. The main centers are located as follows.




Boise Family Strengthening Center, 4202 W Emerald, Boise, Idaho 83706, call 208-345-6031 or 800-796-4131

406 N 10th, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814, call 208-676-1974

Jerome Catholic Charity Family Strengthening Center is at 414 N. Lincoln, Suite #1. Call 208-324-4286 for information.

Nampa Family Strengthening Center, 847 Park Centre Way, Nampa, ID 83651. Call 208-466-9926

151 North Ridge, Suite 130, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402, phone 208-221-5730






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