Grants to pay medical bills

Federal government and non-profit grants to help pay medical bills are available from a number of private and public organizations. They can be a very good option to those who have limited resources and are out of options. The grants are not loans. You never have to pay them back, so they are basically equivalent to free money. Also, it doesn't matter if you do not have good credit scores. You can still apply for a grant even if you are considered low income or have poor credit. In addition, the government grants tend to also be tax free. You can apply for them if you are a U.S. citizen and if the applicant meets other conditions that will be established by each program.

Billions of dollars of funds were issued in 2008 as part of the stimulus package and they are now considered government grants. Even today, money continues to flows to non-profits and local government agencies from a number of sources, including private donations and federal government tax receipts. Each and every year billions of dollars goes towards helping those in need pay their medical bills. There are many different grants available besides just those for health care and medical expenses. You can also apply for more than one program at a time.

Some examples of how grants can help pay medical bills

While there will usually be some form of restrictions in place, some of the criteria and conditions can be as follows. Health care grants can be used to pay for dental care, prescription drugs, eyeglasses, medical services, emergency care, and more. In addition, the funds can usually to be used to help pay for mental and emotional treatments, drug and alcohol treatment, rehabilitation and they can even help pay for the elderly nursing homes.

There are also several non-profit organizations that take part in these programs. Some examples include Cancer Care Inc. (phone 866-552-6729) which will help patients who are fighting cancer. Assistance is available for their immediate family members as well.





How do you locate these grants to help pay medical bills?

You have to search the web and contact many different companies and organizations. When you do perform your search you have to be very specific. Most programs are readily listed, such as the Healthwell Foundation ((800) 675-8416) which can help patients who can’t afford their copays. Another option is the United Healthcare Children's Foundation, which can assist the underinsured with sick or injured children. Telephone (952) 992-4459.

A good non-profit or government agency will guide you through the search, review, and application process. A solid organization will basically “hold your hand” as much as possible. You should never pay a fee in order to apply and always read the fine print of any application for a grant. Do not pay for an application either and those should always be provided for free to those who request them.

With millions of people still unemployed or lacking comprehensive health insurance, be sure to review these programs. If you have high medical bills and debts, never hesitate to apply for a free non-profit or government grant to help you pay your medical bills. It can be the best solution for your problem and will help reduce your stress during a difficult period.








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