Energy Bill Assistance Programs

State resources

Most states offer their own energy assistance programs. They go by countless names, but they all are very similar to each other. They will provide assistance to those in need to help them with paying their energy bills and heating bills, and also provide families with ways to save energy. Some of the programs may be referred to as LIHEAP, weatherization, Project Share, our countless other names. Some local towns and cities may even administer services to local residents.

Funding for these programs is typically provided by the federal government. And individual state governments will often provide additional funds each year to supplement the federal government funds.

Find energy bill and aid programs for your state.

Energy bill assistance from utility companies

In addition to the state programs, many utility companies will provide assistance with paying energy bills. For example, they will have programs that provide assistance to customers who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties, such as unexpected unemployment, sudden illness, or an emergency or personal crisis. The best thing for you to do is contact your utility or gas company immediately after you know that you will have difficulty paying a bill. If you wait on contacting your utility company, your chances for receiving assistance will not be good. Many companies can provide payment plans and time for customers to get back on track. However if you wait and your utility service is disconnected, this will limit options that are available to you. Click here to find an extensive listing of services offered by almost every utility company in the nation.

Another great resource to turn to are charities and community action groups. Many charities will provide emergency aid and assistance to help pay your energy bills, and also to prevent a utility or heating service shut off.

No matter what type of energy assistance program you participate in, whether they are from your state, utility company, federal government, or a local charity, payments will vary depending on household income, household composition, utility bill costs, and heating fuel costs in relation to household income.









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