Assistance from the Dollar Energy Fund.

This non-profit organization provides heating and utility bill assistance to tens of thousands of people every year. The Dollar Energy Fund will help households in a number of states, including Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia. Each state and utility company may have a slightly different name for the Dollar Energy Fund program that is available in their state, but they all have the same goal in mind. That is to help people who are struggling with their energy bills.

Find more information on the program for your state below. Apply at your local community action agency, or contact your utility or gas company directly. Or individuals can dial (800) 683-7036 for more details, including information on how to make a donation.

Louisiana Neighbor to Neighbor Program

The Dollar Energy Fund is also working with SWEPCO to provide assistance to low income families in their service territory. Donations from the community are used to fund this Neighbor to Neighbor program in Louisiana. The utility bill assistance program may be able to help those who can’t qualify for any other financial aid. So this can help those Louisiana families that have no other options available to them.




Maryland Dollar Energy Fund Hardship Program

Columbia Gas of Maryland customers can get assistance from the Dollar Energy Fund’s Maryland Hardship Program. This is the version of the plan that is available for Maryland individuals and families. The hardship program will provide a one-time, free cash grant that will help qualified customers pay their heating and utility bills. There are conditions in order to be eligible. Learn more, including details on the application process, by calling your energy provider.

Ohio Neighbor to Neighbor Program

American Electric Power and the Dollar Energy fund have joined together to provide assistance with bills to Ohio families. Eligible customers will receive a utility assistance grant applied directly to their AEP bill. The Neighbor to Neighbor Program will help struggling AEP Ohio customers either maintain or restore their electric or heating service by providing a grant that can be used for paying a utility bill.





Pennsylvania Hardship Program

The Dollar Energy Fund’s Hardship Program offers help for low to moderate income households throughout the state. A total of 13 utility and gas companies across Pennsylvania have partnered together to administer the Hardship Program. To qualify for assistance, households must have made a sincere effort of payment on their utility, water, or heating bill in the last 90 days and they must also have a back balance on their account. Eligible customers will receive a one-time free cash grant applied directly to their outstanding bill.


Tennessee Neighbor to Neighbor Program

Both Appalachian Power and the non-profit Dollar Energy Fund organization have joined together to offer energy bill assistance to those in need. The Tennessee program is called Neighbor to Neighbor, and it will assist low-income, the elderly, and moderate income Appalachian Power customers who are having difficulty with paying their electric bills. Customers who are found to be eligible will receive a one time utility bill assistance grant applied directly to their Appalachian Power bill.




Texas Neighbor to Neighbor

This is for AEP-SWEPCO customers. The program can provide income qualified families with a grant or credit that will be applied directly to your utility account. The application process is not as strict as that for some federal government benefits. For example, this may be available to low to moderate income customers who may not be eligible (due to income reasons) for the Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Virginia Neighbor to Neighbor Program

If you are an Appalachian Power customer, you may be able to get cash grants and aid from the Dollar Energy Fund. The Neighbor to Neighbor Program provides a cash grant directly to your Appalachian Power utility account. The customer needs to have received a disconnect notice, and also they have had to paid their bill in the recent past. In order for Virginia customers to be eligible for help, the customer must have paid at least $100 towards their heating, gas and/or electric utility bill in the 90 days prior to applying for the Dollar Energy Fund Neighbor to Neighbor Program.

West Virginia Utility Assistance Program

This program can also help people with a water, heating, or utility bill. Applicants need to call their local Salvation Army and make an appointment to fill out a Dollar Energy form. Allegheny Power, West Virginian-American Water, Dominion Hope, Equitable Gas, and Mountaineer Gas all participate in the Dollar Energy Fund. Applicants need to bring their termination notice, and the unpaid bill should be for $100 or more. People who apply to the West Virginia Utility Assistance Program must have shown that they were paying their bill in the recent past.



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