Coryell County assistance programs.

Community clinics and health care

Coryell County Indigent Health Care Program is a county health care program that is administered by the Texas Department of Health that provides health care, help for medical bills, and other benefits for medically indigent adults as well as people without insurance. The program will individuals and families whose income is not sufficient to cover the cost of medical care and hospital bills but who do not have linkage to Medicaid through one of the federal cash grant programs. Included in the programs are inpatient hospital services, up to three prescriptions for drugs per month, outpatient hospital services, general check ups and also physician services. Call the Gatesville clinic at (254)865-2883.

Help for bills, rent, expenses and get referrals in Coryell County

Be sure to call the Hill Country Community Action Association, Inc. This is the local community action agency that runs dozens of assistance programs for residents in need. Some will help with bills or housing costs, and others will provide people with information on local charities, federal government or Texas assistance programs.

  • Help with paying utility bills - The state of Texas offers residents the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). This program will help qualified individuals in many ways, including.
    • Appliance Repair, Retrofit, or Replacement: This is a program that assists low to moderate income clients in reducing their energy burden and bills, and it will help them achieve energy and overall self-sufficiency by addressing inefficient water heaters, heating and cooling appliances, refrigerators, and freezers.
    • Energy and Emergency Crisis: This component provides assistance with paying utility bills for low income residents during weather-related (such as hot summer) and supply shortage emergencies in the area.





    • Disabled and Elderly Assistance: This is a program that provides utility bill assistance to households and individuals that are most vulnerable to fluctuations in energy costs and their utility bills. The program will provide up to four utility bill payments per year, all of which are made on behalf of the elderly and the disabled in the area, and the payments.
    • Co-pay utility program: This service provides assistance to low to moderate income households. The program will offer them case management and financial assistance with paying utility bills. Clients of the co-pay program are assisted over a period of nine months with their energy bills. In order to remain on the co-pay program, clients must actively participate in the program by setting goals, attending sessions on energy conservation, receive debt and budget counseling, as well as pay a portion of their utility bill each and every month. In addition, co-pay clients need to be working or attending school. The intent of this assistance program is to achieve energy self-sufficiency in terms of long term affordability for low to moderate income households, as well as the working poor.

Community Outreach and Assistance Program - Working with a counselor, you may be able to receive help applying for long-term care (financial assistance), Food Stamps, Health insurance and government Medicaid (Including the Women’s Health Program), and other assistance programs.

Child care assistance - You may be able to work with your provider to get reimbursed for some expenses.

Weatherization Program - This federal government funded energy conservation program will help homeowners implement measures to help eligible families and individuals reduce fuel consumption for heating and cooling bills and expenses.

Call the Hill Country Community Action Association, Inc. at (325) 372-5167 to apply for help, or learn more about financial assistance programs.







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