Collat Jewish Family Services programs and services.

Families in the Birmingham Alabama region that are facing a hardship can contact Collat Jewish Family Services. The agency can assist people facing a challenge. Of particular focus is on seniors and the elderly in Jefferson County. No direct financial assistance is provided from CJFS.

CJFS Information and Referral services can help clients, including low income families and others in the Jefferson County community in accessing resources to meet their needs. You can explore both private, non-profit programs and government benefits such as SSDI disability or food stamps. A qualified staff member from the center matches the callers needs to the most appropriate assistance programs that are offered. The agencies is located at 3940 Montclair Road Birmingham, AL 35213. Call 205.879.3438 for more details or resources available. As indicated, they will not disburse financial aid themselves.

Assistance may be available for food. This is limited and is only an option as supply allows. In addition, the individual needs to have a licensed social worker from another agency pick up the food items. Clients who request it receive credit counseling and budgeting from CJFS and its case managers. Much of this counseling consists of referrals to other Jefferson County non-profits and charities.

Caregivers, seniors, or the disabled can get help from the agency. CJFS wants people to keep an independent and dignified lifestyle. If you live in the Birmingham region and are responsible for the care of an ill, disabled or senior relative, the agency can assist. They offer personalized coordination of care, including medical, food and more. Licensed social workers are available to assist.

A needs assessment will take place. Based on the results of that, a personalized treatment plan will be developed using recommendations from the social worker. Assistance from CJFS services and other community partners are available. Some of what is offered includes.

  • Transportation to medical appointments or a needed trip.
  • Coordination of in-home personal care, including arrangement of doctor appointments.
  • Financial counseling, such as budgeting or payment of monthly bills.
  • Caregivers can get help in applying for community resources or referrals as well.
  • Counseling for both the individual and/or family members.




Other support is offered as needed for the senior or disabled individual. Collat Jewish Family Services sessions provide for peer support, the exchange of coping skills, and information on programs such as Medicaid and counseling.

Care Management can be coordinated by CJFS for those with an aging relative but maybe they live outside of Birmingham Alabama. Staff will work with the family on development and implementation of personalized care plans, offer information on financial aid programs to pay for the medical care, and other support.

Transportation programs in Jefferson County include Buz-A-Bus. This service is limited to clients over age 60 or those with documented disabilities that prevent them from driving, and is only for rides needed within a 5-mile radius of the Collat Jewish Family Services office on Montclair Road. It can provide rides for Medical Appointments, work activities, or critical shopping.








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