Information on Baltimore rent assistance programs.

Some programs can help Baltimore Maryland families pay their rent or find and retain low income housing. Several different non-profits and charities administer the resources across the city and county. In addition there are some government run rental assistance programs that residents of Baltimore can also apply to. Get information on all of the options available to you below.

The local Department of Social Services in Baltimore runs the Housing Choice Voucher Program Rental subsidy. There is a very long waiting list that is currently in place in order to receive the low income housing. This voucher program limits the amount of rent that a low income household needs to pay towards their housing costs and the aid is based on their annual household income. Call (800) 332-6347. Also click here for more information on Section 8 Housing Vouchers.

If you are facing an eviction in Baltimore, or just need free legal advice in discussing what you can or can’t do as a renter, contact one or more of the following.

Public Justice Center - Offers free legal support and advocacy for the low income, disadvantaged, homeless and others. While numerous types of cases and issues are addressed, one focus is on housing, discrimination against renters, illegal evictions, and more. Call 410-625-9409.

Project Plase, Inc., phone number (410) 837-1671, offers housing counseling, information on government assistance programs, and other supportive services to people facing an eviction as well as homeless adults, particularly the most vulnerable and under served. This includes the elderly, disabled, sick, and others.

The Samaritan Community, Inc. - Offers emergency assistance, including rent help, to thousands of families and individuals every year. Many volunteers help people get back on track and become self sufficient. If they do not have grants available for you, they should be able to refer you to other local non-profits and charities. Note that when getting referrals, some of those non-profit partners may issue interest deferred loans to pay rent to qualified low income families. Call 410-225-9500 to speak to the Baltimore housing agency.

Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. - This non-profit agency, which can be reached at 1-800-487-6007, was created back in the 1950s. Since then they have been dealing with all sorts of housing and rent issues that Baltimore families face, such as housing discrimination, landlord and tenant disputes, referrals to state of Maryland and federal government rent assistance programs, and illegal evictions. Call them to get free advice on your housing and rent concerns.





Maryland Legal Aid operates across the state. They offer free services and legal representation for people over 65, and also those individuals who are facing poverty or are considered low income. Dial (800) 999-8904.

Baltimore County Crisis Response may have funds to pay rent for those qualified low income families with an eviction notice. There needs to be proof of income, notice, and other requirements. They also have referrals to other housing resources, such as emergency shelter or low income - public housing. 410-931-2214.

Assistance to Families with Children - Department of Social Services - Emergency cash grants can be offered for paying rental expenses or for homeowners faced with a foreclosure. There may also be loans issued for first months rent on a new, approved home or apartment. Or inquire into section 8 housing or programs for the disabled. There are offices in Baltimore (dial 410-853-3451 or 410-853-3810) or in Dundalk dial 410-853-3402.

St. Veronica's Thrift Store can have one time funds. Rent, deposits, and other housing needs may be met. Or learn about shelters and other aid. Call 410-355-5999 for intake.

Mayor’s Office coordinates emergency rental assistance to stop homelessness as part of the Journey Home program. It administers affordable housing from grants for expenses ranging from energy costs to motel rooms, security deposits, rehousing into a new apartment and rent arrears. Services help single parents in the city of Baltimore, the disabled, and others. More on eviction assistance and rehousing in Baltimore.





The local Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) is run by the Baltimore Homeless Services. Phone 410-462-2585. This program was created by government stimulus funds. Among other forms of support it offers includes 6 to 18 months of rent payments, money to pay for moving costs, security deposit assistance, utility help, and even debt and credit counseling.

While the United Way does not itself provide money to pay rent, they partner with numerous local non-profits throughout Baltimore and are also aware of federal government programs. Call the Baltimore United Way at 410-685-0525 to get information on rental assistance programs.

Allowance for rental payments is available from a statewide program known as RAP. Income qualified residents, including the low income, disabled, and unemployed, can receive a monthly cash payment for their rent and housing costs. Another focus is on assisting families in Baltimore that are facing imminent eviction or that have a notice to quit. More information.

Homeless Persons Representation Project offers free legal aid for those faced with an eviction or impending homelessness. Attorneys also handle a variety of other civil matters including subsidized or public housing. Tenant / landlord issues are mediated as well. Telephone - 800-773-4340.







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