Adams County Colorado rent assistance.

Rental and financial assistance is available in Adams County and Brighton Colorado. A number of non-profits organizations and agencies offer financial assistance. There can be grants used as a form of emergency rental assistance or funds for paying security deposits. The programs focus on low-income families, seniors, and the disabled in Adams County Colorado.

Most programs will only offer one time rental assistance. While not everyone will qualify, however they will often also provide information regarding various other housing and rent assistance programs offered throughout Adams County. This can include resources from the government such as social services or assistance from local charities or churches.

The organizations may also offer referrals and guidance in applying for financial aid. This service is for residents of Adams County and is offered so that needy individuals can receive one on one case management with highly trained volunteers and other professionals.

Adams County Housing Authority
7190 Colorado Blvd., 6th Floor
Commerce City, Colorado 80022
Phone number - 303-227-2075
This government housing agency can offer one or more of the following. Possible assistance for paying rent, mortgage, electricity, and other housing expenses. Programs are offered on a first come first serve basis. Some of the conditions include the applicant must have lived in the apartment or home a minimum of 6 months and must be fully responsible for the rent of the housing unit.

Catholic Charities Northwest Emergency Assistance Center
Address: 9360 N Federal Blvd.
Westminster, Colorado 80260
Main number - 720-974-1579
From time to time they can offer possible rental and housing assistance. Interested individuals must call to discuss requirements for the program, and of course assistance also depends on funding for the agency.




Crossroads Baptist Church
10451 Huron
Northglenn CO, 80234
Call 303-842-2698
When funds are available at this church, they too can offer limited rental assistance. Other financial support includes money for bills, food, and other housing needs. If someone is requesting rental help, they will need to bring a photo ID and a copy of their lease or termination/eviction notice. The church can offer help to individuals and families that live in Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn and Federal Heights areas of Colorado.

Rent, subsidized housing and security deposit assistance is all offered from the ACHA housing authority. The government affiliated agency works to both stop evictions and foreclosures and also rehouse the homeless in Adams County. Other services include low income public housing and apartments, no interest loans for rental costs, government grants, and general counseling. Read more.

Growing Home
3489 W. 72nd Ave.
Westminster, Colorado 80030
Phone number is 303-426-0430
Call the about rental assistance and grant programs. Help is offered for working Adams County residents and individuals can get one time financial help for paying rent, mortgage or other housing expenses such as a security deposit. In addition, the financial assistance will be coupled with budget and debt counseling and three months follow up case management to ensure people gain self-sufficiency.

Almost Home, Inc.
Address: 231 N Main St.
Brighton, CO 80601
Call (303) 659-6199
Emergency and crisis assistance and support administered. A focus is on seniors as well as families or single parents with children.

Adams County Legal Aid
Call (303) 837-1313
Attorneys will offer advice to families facing an eviction. Working poor families often receive free assistance from the firms.

Interchurch Task Force
Phone - (303) 360-0260
Referrals may be given.




Non-profit grant programs
Phone - (800) 659-3656
Tenants facing eviction can get information on everything from legal support to grants for paying back rent or referrals to loan programs, including for utility or paying security deposits. The goal is to stop homelessness in the county.

Adams County Human Services Department
7190 Colorado Blvd
Commerce City, Colorado 80022
(303) 287-8831
Another one of the leading government agencies in the region. Apply for low income housing, section 8 vouchers, government homeless prevention and rapid rehousing, and other forms of rental assistance.






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