Pet Ownership

Owning a pet can be one of the most loving, rewarding and important relationships you will ever have in your lifetime. However it is very costly too. There are expensive vet bills, food, and much more. Find information on the benefits as well as some of the costs to pet ownership.

The benefits of owning and caring for a pet are immeasurable from stress reduction, low blood pressure, decrease in depression and anxiety to an increase in socialization and feelings of self- worth. It does not matter whether you get a dog, cat, fish, or some other pet, the benefits are tremendous. They are especially great for older people looking for a companion or maybe a veteran returning from oversees. Some things to keep in mind, but around bills to consider and the care of the pet, when you decide to become an owner include:

*Your pet is not your possession or thing. They are living and breathing creatures that need food, shelter, medical care and water for just their basic life requirements. For their overall well-being, they need to be considered a vital member of the family who receive love, affection and proper socialization every day.

For a dog, a regimented schedule of exercise, proper meal times and a stable routine lead them to feel secure and happy. Fish need to have their tank cleaned. Cats need attention from their owners too. Each pet has their own particular needs.

*Cozy corners, windows or bright rooms full of sunlight are great places for dog or cat beds. Make sure your home or apartment is pet friendly, and that the rent or mortgage is affordable when considering any improvements that need to be made. A cozy place will allow your pet to nap and relax their days away in peace.

*A walk can cure just about every dog ailment or anxiety. Many high energy dogs need to be walked at least a few times a day to expend excess energy. If you do not have the room or time to walk a dog, particularly an energetic one, consider passing on ownership. As hiring a walker can be expensive, and it is just another unnecessary bill for the monthly budget.

*You are a pet’s entire world. They need you for everything from food to love to security. It is a full-time commitment and needs to be honored as such. If you can’t afford to take one on, and this fiscal responsibility, do not do so.

*Consider adopting a rescue animal. The benefits of rescuing a pet and the happy feelings of doing so last for a lifetime. Their gratitude and unconditional love for you makes it all worth it. Some agencies also give basic health care or provide free pet food for a period of time to those who adopt.

When adopting a rescue, it may take a few tries to find “the one” just like with any new relationship. Chemistry, bonding and how they will fit into your life are important things to consider, therefore, take your time finding your furry friend and don’t rush the process.

*Pet healthcare is supremely expensive. Keep this in mind if you are struggling to pay your own household bills. Do not take on ownership of an animal if you cannot adequately afford to do so. Thing about future check ups with the vet, all of the food costs, and boarding expenses as well that pets may lead too. There may be assistance for some of this though. Find information on financial aid for vet bills.

*If a pet is behaving badly or poorly, it rests solely on the owners. Hard work, consistency in schedule and due diligence in proper training are on your shoulders as the pet owner. Take responsibility and action early on when improper behavior or habits rear their heads. Animals are intelligent and intuitive beings, they oftentimes catch on very quickly to new, positive behaviors.

*Make sure pets have adequate hydration at all times especially in the summer months and after exercising. Also, make sure pets have proper shelter. Do not leave animals in hot cars or outside during frigid winter months.

Dogs are especially social, nosy creatures—they want to be near you at all times. Keeping these domesticated animals as outside pets is cruel. So again, be sure your housing has the space available. Never move or take on additional rent or housing payments just for a pet. If you do not plan to keep a pet indoors as a member of the family in your current location, do not have a pet period.

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