Average American wastes $350 per year in food

According to the USDA and Feeding America, about 12% of American families struggle to pay for the groceries they need each month. However the average person throws away about $350 per year in either prepared and/or canned food. So while many households wonder where their next meal may come from, at the same time they are (as well as others) wasting food. Talk about a major challenge/opportunity.

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Invest rather than spend money on Christmas gifts

Based on past years, it is expected that adults will spend over $800 this year on Christmas gifts. Over the last decade, people have been spending over $700 and now more recently over $800, and the amount spent is expected to increase in the future due to the improved economy and the “growth” of the holiday. Rather than spend over $800 on toys, clothes, etc., why not take a percentage of that and invest it for either your own or a child’s future? That would be a great Christmas gift.

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