Average American wastes $350 per year in food

According to the USDA and Feeding America, about 12% of American families struggle to pay for the groceries they need each month. However the average person throws away about $350 per year in either prepared and/or canned food. So while many households wonder where their next meal may come from, at the same time they are (as well as others) wasting food. Talk about a major challenge/opportunity.

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Invest rather than spend money on Christmas gifts

Based on past years, it is expected that adults will spend over $800 this year on Christmas gifts. Over the last decade, people have been spending over $700 and now more recently over $800, and the amount spent is expected to increase in the future due to the improved economy and the “growth” of the holiday. Rather than spend over $800 on toys, clothes, etc., why not take a percentage of that and invest it for either your own or a child’s future? That would be a great Christmas gift.

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20% of households are underbanked in 2016

As we wrap up 2016, there are still almost 20% of American households that are considered to be “underbanked”. This means that they often combine basic products (such as a savings account) with alternative forms of financing. While 20% still seems like a high number to us, this is actually a very slight improvement per the latest Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) data.

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Eating in vs. Eating out

Our society is fast-paced with a high demand for instant gratification with lots and lots of distractions along the way. Food is definitely a part of that equation. It is easier to roll through a drive through or drive to a restaurant after a long day verses facing the daunting task of preparing and eating meals at home for you and your family. The problem is eating out all the time takes away from your health, quality time with your loved ones and is super expensive especially when you add it all up over the course of a year.

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