17 percent of seniors impacted by fraud in 2016

The fact is that individuals over the age of 65 (senior citizens) are more susceptible to fraud. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that almost 20% of older Americans fell victim to one or more types of fraud or scams during 2016. The total loss experienced by these individuals is estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

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Monthly rents increased 1 to 4% in 2016

While the average rent paid by families across the country increased in 2016, the amount of that increase was not overly excessive according to apartment finding company ABODO. According to their data of over one million one bedroom apartments, the average rent nationwide was $1001 per month, which is less than a 1% increase during the year. However as we state below, the federal government CPI rates show there was a much larger increase during 2016 (but the data sets differ).

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Possible top scams in 2017

While there are always new scams being created, here are some of what the various consumer watchdogs expect may be the most common in 2017. While the list below may be some of the more common ones, you need to be aware of these as well as many others. As the fact is that both individuals as well as companies are always devising new ways to rip you off. But you can fight back, and findĀ how to identify scams.

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Cost of insulin has increased 65% in three years

About 29 million Americans are diabetic and require insulin according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hundreds of millions of other people around the world are also impacted by this disease. With so many people needing insulin to quite frankly live, it is very unfortunate that many drug companies have continued to push through price increases for this critical medication. In fact the average cost of the most popular insulins have gone up about 65% since January 2013.

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Up to 1 million able-bodied adults may lose food stamps in 2017

Due to the strong job market, and states looking to find savings in their 2017 fiscal budgets, it is expected that more states will continue to cut back (or end) SNAP food stamp benefits to people that are considered to be ABAWDs. This means that any unemployed, able-bodied adults that do not have kids or someone else depending on them can expected to see a reduction in the amount of aid they get next year.

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