2017 fastest growing jobs

While it is very difficult to measure, the list below shows some of what are expected to be the fastest growing jobs from 2017 up through the middle of the next decade. While there are literally thousands of different industries in the United States, the economy is always evolving and almost impossible to predict, the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as other organizations try to give their estimation of where job growth may come from.

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80% of requests for financial help have errors | How to send emails

After sampling the last 100 emails we have received asking for financial help, at least 80 percent of them had one or more errors in them. We are always shocked that a person asking for assistance to pay their bills does not even take the time to proofread their request. There are examples of the issues below, as well as suggestions on how to send a proper request for aid.

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US workers do not have proper skills for today’s economy

The number of jobs that are available is at a record high. Tens of thousands of companies have these positions are are trying to hire people to work them, but they just can’t find individuals with the skills or initiative necessary to actually do the work. This has been a continuing pattern for over 12 months now. The fact is that Americans can’t or won’t do what is necessary for these positions, and this is a national crisis that is referred to as a Jobs Skill Gap.

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26 percent of email addresses are unprofessional

We have analyzed the last 100 emails that have been sent to us and we have determined that as many as 26% of them have an address that is either unprofessional or it could be close to it. The statistic is alarming in that not only may a potential employer just skip over an applicant with using a certain type of email address, but some charities and other groups that offer financial aid may also screen the request for help.

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2016 job market booming for people with no college degree

In another indicator of the strong job market, high school drop-outs and others without a college degree continue to find it much easier to get a job. The pool of people looking and willing to hold a job is now so small that employers are even hiring those applicants without a degree. As we have indicated in other posts, anyone that wants a job can get one.

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